DBR Connect will no longer be available after July 31, 2019. Please download all information you wish to save by that date.
No future subscriptions will be sold.

Frequently asked questions


DBR Connect is a customizable online system for rating student behavior during a specific period of time (e.g., 45 minutes of math class). Behavior ratings take less than 1 minute to complete and can be completed by a psychologist, teacher, or school staff member. Ratings can be completed daily as part of progress monitoring or used on an as-needed basis for behavior support plans or to monitor the effects of medications or interventions. Check out the “Get Acquainted” page for more information.

School psychologists, school-based mental health clinicians, teachers, school administrators, and educational researchers and consultants.

Users can rate an unlimited number of students an unlimited number of times within the yearly subscription period. Charts and reports are also unlimited. No additional fees are required.

Each student can be rated on three core behaviors (Academically Engaged, Disruptive, and Respectful) in 1 minute or less using built-in sliders or keystroke entry.

Yes. Print forms are available once you purchase a DBR Connect subscription.

A list of common reasons for academic and behavior problems, along with evidence-based interventions (EBIs) that address those concerns, is provided in the interpretative reports.

DBR Connect was designed for students in Kindergarten through Grade 8. Teachers of students in Grades 9–12 can still use DBR Connect as a screening and progress monitoring tool; however, the research-based risk-level scores are not available for high school students.

No official training certification is required. We recommend you complete the online training module that is part of your subscription. This is available via the Help section on the product Web site after you log in.

The safekeeping of your students’ sensitive information is extremely important to us. Your transmissions are protected with SSL encryption, and all internal DBR Connect communications are secured by passwords and non-routable IP addresses behind a firewall. In addition, PAR is Safe-Harbor compliant, and certified to adhere to privacy and security principles outlined by the U.S. Department of Commerce.


Complete the price estimate request form to receive an estimate via e-mail. Within one business day, a PAR Customer Support Specialist will contact you to explain how you can purchase your DBR Connect subscription and begin using the system.

Yearly subscription pricing is based on the student population of your school(s). Complete the price estimate request form to receive your personalized estimate.

We’ve designed the pricing model to meet both conditions. An individual school can purchase a DBR Connect subscription, or a school district can purchase the system for multiple schools within the district.

DBR Connect subscriptions are fixed windows that run August 1 through July 31.

Full-year and half-year subscriptions pricing options are provided. Prorated pricing is available; simply ask a Customer Service or Sales Representative when placing your order.

Individualized log-ins for everyone in your school: a Super Administrator (e.g., district-level administrator), School Administrators (e.g., principal, school psychologist, lead teacher, behavior support specialist), and Teachers (e.g., general and special educators).

Customers are offered a digital rating form and scheduling tool to plan out when ratings will occur and to set up reminder e-mails. The online data management system helps track student ratings over the yearly subscription period. Dynamic graphing and reporting are available to chart students’ progress. Easy access to training materials and an online user’s manual are included to address common questions.


In the unlikely event that you have any technical problems with this site, please e-mail our Technical Support Department for assistance.

DBR Connect requires a Windows®-based or Mac desktop or laptop computer with an Internet connection and the latest version of one of the following Web browsers: Chrome™, Safari®, or Firefox®. DBR Connect also runs on Internet Explorer® versions 9 and 10. DBR Connect will run on version 8 of Internet Explorer, but some features are diminished. In addition, DBR Connect will run on Apple® iPad® version 5.1 and higher.

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