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DBR Connect will no longer be available after July 31, 2019. Please download all information you wish to save by that date.
No future subscriptions will be sold.

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Screen and progress monitor in less than 1 minute.

DBR Connect is an online tool that allows teachers, administrators, and school-based intervention teams to rate student behavior over time. Users can then generate reports, which can better inform decisions about what sort of interventions are needed.

Core features:

  • Get started quickly: Learning the system is intuitive, plus thoughtfully designed set-up tools help administrators easily import student data.
  • Rate three research-based behaviors: Academically Engaged, Respectful, and Disruptive—in less than 1 minute per student using built-in scoring sliders. 
  • Customizable: Add targeted behaviors like “Uses cell phone during class,” which can be tailored to the group you are monitoring.
  • Make reports and charts work for you: See results by behavior, by student, or by teacher; across an entire school; or as a comparison of one student to a group.
  • Track behavior from start to finish: Screen students’ behavior, get recommendations for implementing interventions, and monitor progress over time. DBR Connect also works well in tandem with other rating tools you might already be using.
  • Easily identify at-risk students: Research-based cutoff scores highlight which students are ideal candidates for progress monitoring.
  • Apply to all levels of the school hierarchy: Teachers can monitor student behavior, school administrators can use data for school-wide intervention strategies, and district supervisors can view data across multiple schools.
  • Replace your paper trail with a digital one: Online rating eliminates time-consuming sorting and filing and leaves more time for what’s really important—making sure students succeed.

Made for educators

Authors Sandra M. Chafouleas, PhD, and T. Chris Riley-Tillman, PhD, both started out their careers as educators so they have experienced the challenges, dissents, grumbles, and endless paperwork.

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The authors of DBR Connect are publishing a new book this spring that describes how DBR can be used as a tool for assessment, intervention, and communication in schools. 

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