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DBR Connect will no longer be available after July 31, 2019. Please download all information you wish to save by that date.
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DBR Connect helps you get back to what's important: helping students succeed

DBR Connect is a behavioral assessment that can be used to screen at-risk students and monitor their behavior before, during, and after an intervention is implemented. It is one of the few behavior rating systems that allows users to enter data online and easily chart students’ progress over time.

Observe. Pinpoint. Intervene.

A customizable assessment for rating student behavior over a specific period of time (e.g., 45 minutes of math class), it takes less than 1 minute and can be completed by a psychologist, teacher, or school staff member. It can be done daily as part of progress monitoring or used on an as-needed basis for behavior support plans or to monitor the effects of medications or interventions. To help you visualize progress, the assessment charts the child’s behavior over time. DBR Connect can be used class- or school-wide depending on your needs. Every student in your district can be rated an unlimited number of times for an entire school year.


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Learning the system is intuitive, plus thoughtfully designed set-up tools help administrators easily import student data.

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Want to learn more about how DBR works?

The authors of DBR Connect are publishing a new book this spring that describes how DBR can be used as a tool for assessment, intervention, and communication in schools. To learn more, click here.